Mastering Tent Tension: How to Adjust Your Tent's Tension Using Velcro Flaps, Buckle Nylon Straps, and More

How to adjust the tension of the GO tent?

When you set up a tent, you need to make sure it's tight so it doesn't fall down or let in rain. There are different parts of the tent that you can adjust to make it tighter.  The metal latches on the bottom of the back wall will touch the fabric however it will not be pushing against the fabric. If you need to adjust the tension of the tent, there are six primary spots to do so: two velcro flaps right above the door, two flaps to either side and two buckle nylon straps at the corners. There are some flaps that stick together with velcro above the door, some flaps on the sides, and some straps with buckles at the corners. You can use these to make the tent tighter or looser, like when you adjust the straps on your backpack.