What type of wheel and tire does the GO Trailer use?

Wheel: Cast Aluminum

Tire: Kenda Loadstar 205/65-10

Speed Rating: 87mph

Load range C

Pressure: 50psi max

Max trailer cargo weight: 810 lbs

We use a wide tire and wheel setup for greater traction, stability, and ride comfort.

GO Trailer tire: ST lr C 205/65-10

  • *ST - These tires are for a trailer (Specialty Tire for trailer use only)
  • *lr C - The load rating C is 1100 lbs at 50 psi as indicated on sidewall
  • *205 - The maximum width of the tire is approximately 205 mm at the widest point
  • *65 - Indicates the height of the sidewall is 65% of the width (in this case 140 mm)
  • *10 - This tire fits 10 inch diameter wheels

This is a 'Bias' tire.  Note that bias tires, while stiffer with stronger sidewalls, “tend to be heavy… and can flat spot in cold weather and when sitting for extended periods of time.”