Winch cable is bound and my pod won't fully raise or descend.

This article outlines what to do if the pod will not raise or descend appropriately.

If the pod on your Go will not raise or lower while turning the winch handle, it is possible the lift system cable has become bound on the winch spool.  

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE:  Before you make any attempt to unbind a winch cable, be sure to relieve the weight of the pod from the cable by propping up the pod. There are two great ways to do this: 

1. Raise the pod all the way up and swing the pod bottom down. With the winch handle, lower the pod until the bottom shell is resting on the deck.

20230213_0801092. Position bed frames vertically and lower the pod onto the bed frames (transport mode).


There are two instances in which the winch cable can become bound on the winch spool:

1. A loop of the cable jumps out of the winch body: 


Be sure pod weight is relieved from the cable. In order to get the escaped cable loop back on the spool we use a medium sized adjustable wrench to bend the metal tab next to the slot down about 45 degrees.


Once you have the escaped loop back on the spool, pull the remainder of the cable off the spool and respool the cable neatly.




2. An unspooled cable forms a clove hitch and binds on itself on the winch body:

20230209_144407Be sure pod weight is relieved from cable. We use a large sized flat blade screwdriver to unbind the cinched part of the cable. Once the bind is loosened, completely unspool and respool your cable neatly.



Failure to relieve the weight of the pod from the cable before attempting to unbind the cable can cause serious injury! If you cannot relieve the weight from the cable, contact SylvanSport Customer Service for more information before moving forward.


How to avoid having winch cable issues:

1. Avoid overtightening and over loosening the winch cable.

2. After lowering the pod, always turn the winch handle one click clockwise to set the clutch on the winch. This eliminates the possibility of the winch body freewheeling backwards and the cable unspooling on the winch.

3. If there is any question about whether the winch cable is bound, stop and look at the winch spool to assess the situation. The further you tighten a bound winch cable the harder it will be to unbind.


Disclaimer of Liability.  SylvanSport assumes no liability whatsoever for any product damage or personal injury incurred while performing this work.  The taking of proper safety precautions, including but not limited to the use of personal protective equipment, are wholly the responsibility of the person(s) performing the work contained herein.