What is the hardware used to attach the pod to the pod rack?

This article will lay out the hardware that attaches the pod to the pod rack.

The pod is attached to the pod rack at each corner with BHCS M10 bolts. The front and rear bolts are different lengths and use different washer sets. Shackles are also used in the rear to attach the pod frame to the pod rack allowing for thermal expansion of the pod.


The front uses two M10-1.5 x 30 bolts along with M10 flat washers and M10 lock washers. Front bolts are slightly longer than the rear bolts. Loctite 242 (Blue) is applied before fastening bolts. Picture below.


The rear uses two M10-1.5 x 25 bolts and two M10 flat washers. Loctite 262 (Red) is applied before fastening. Picture below.


The rear shackles are fastened to the pod rack using the same BHCS M10-1.5 x 30 bolt as the front but with only an M10 flat washer. Loctite 242 (Blue) is applied to these shackle bolts and they are tightened just enough to barely allow movement of the shackle by hand. Picture below.


In house, we tighten these pod bolts with a 6mm hex bit on a 3/8" impact wrench. 


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