SylvanSport DURABARS: Your Guide to Adventure-Ready Assembly!

Embark on an adventure of assembly with SylvanSport DURABARS! This knowledge base article provides a comprehensive review of DURABARS parts and an overview of the assembly process. Get ready to elevate your outdoor experience with sturdy DURABARS

SylvanSport DURABARS: Unleashing the Adventure Assembly

Are you ready to transform your outdoor gear with SylvanSport DURABARS? This article is your passport to adventure as we dive into the assembly instructions, review each part, and guide you through the process of creating the ultimate adventure-ready setup.

1. Checking Your Kit: Before diving into assembly, conduct a kit check. Ensure all parts have arrived, and they are in top-notch condition. The overview on page one provides a sneak peek into the assembly method, setting the stage for your adventure.

2. Assemble First Spacer Block Assembly: Locate the two small tabs on the Clamp Bars and the two slots on
the bottom of the Crossbars. Secure the tabs into the slots, locate the Spacer Block as shown and rotate the Clamp Bars inward.

3. Place First DURABAR Assembly into Position: While gripping the Clamp Bars and Spacer Block, rotate and drop the assembly onto GO Easy Side Rails. Utilize the provided hardware to fasten the assembly as shown
in Step 2 and below.. Repeat this process three more times. Keep the fasteners loose for last-minute spacing adjustments.

4. Secure End Caps and Space the DURABARS: Gear up for the finale! Secure the End Caps to the Crossbars using the Set Screws. Tighten until firmly secured. Space the Crossbars approximately 36” between centers. The underside view offers a reference for the perfect setup..

Parts List: Now, let's get acquainted with the rockstars of your adventure setup – the DURABARS and their supporting cast:

  • DURABAR CROSSBAR (00101-03)
  • CLAMP STRAP (20087-01)
  • SCREW (00363-01)
  • WASHER (300300-015)
  • LOCK NUT (300745-001)
  • SPACER BLOCK (20087-02)
  • END CAP (20087-03)
  • END CAP SET SCREW (301289-001)

Overview of Parts: Familiarize yourself with the essential players in your adventure assembly:

  • END CAPS (20087-03)
  • CLAMP STRAPS (20087-01)
  • SCREWS (00363-01)
  • RACK CROSSBARS (00101-03)
  • WASHERS (300300-015)
  • SET SCREWS (301289-001)
  • LOCKNUTS (300745-001)
  • SPACER BLOCKS (20087-02)

Conclusion: As you tighten the last screw and secure the final piece, you've crafted more than an assembly – you've created an adventure-ready setup with SylvanSport DURABARS. Get ready to elevate your outdoor experience and embark on unforgettable journeys.

Adventure awaits – assemble, explore, and conquer with SylvanSport DURABARS! 🏞️🔧🚗


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