Repairing Damaged Window Netting in your Tent

Accidents happen. Now that I have damaged the tent mesh it is important to fix it so that it continues to function as it should; in other words, to keep the bugs out! … The Repair Kit:  There are many options out there when it comes to repairing tent mesh but this happens to be my favorite as it doesn’t involve using a glue kit as the repair mesh has an adhesive side. This is from MSR and this is their Mesh Repair Kit and it runs around $7 for 4 3inch patches. If you purchase these on Amazon, the price is almost double. The picture of the mesh makes it look brown but it is in fact black. • An on-the-move repair kit for your tent • No glue required • 4 self adhesive patches for Quick field repairs Adheres to nylon and polyester mesh To Fix : Note : Since the patches are 3 inches in diameter, you can cut these down to a size which you need to make your repair.. If you do so, make sure to round the edges so that it’s less likely to be pealed off. Cleanse area with a bit of alcohol and a rag. If the mesh is dirty these will come off over time so clean it. If it’s a rip or cut in the mesh, remove all loose threads and bring the edges together on a flat surface. Place the patch and start with pressure in the center and rub in a circular motion. After that, you are done! If the mesh is melted or if you have a hole in the mesh, it will require additional work and product. Start by cutting the melted part out and place the mesh on a flat surface. Place the patch over the whole and put pressure on the patch around the existing mesh of the tent. Since the mesh is missing due to the hole, the outside of the material is going to sticky so I am going to flip the material over and place another patch on the other side. This way there won’t be any sticky surface area for dirty, debris or tent material to get stuck to. This is also doubling the strength of the repair which means that it will be less likely to fail in the future. ... Check out our web site for more information concerning everything seen on our Channel including reviews, insight into what is coming up and a chance to vote and influence our upcoming overnight adventures.