How do I replace broken hardware in my Go storage box?

This article illustrates how to replace missing or broken hardware in the storage box.

The storage box (or Frunk) is held in place by (6) #10 x 1.5" self-tapping hex head screws. Five of these screws are put in place with large fender washers. The sixth is screwed through the foot of the latch reinforcement bracket without a fender washer. Occasionally this hardware will break, especially with large loads in the storage box at highway speeds. Replacing this hardware is straight forward with the right tools and information.


During assembly, we predrill the mounting holes using a 1/2" cordless drill driver and a #19 HD Jobber drill bit. A 5/32 drill bit would work as well. You'll want a heavy duty drill bit as you'll be drilling through the plastic box, the deck and the frame of the Go.


If you've found a broken screw in the storage box, it's likely that the base of the screw is still in the original mounting hole. Rather than removing the storage box altogether and trying to extract the broken hardware, we will typically drill another hole about 3/8" to the left or the right of the original mounting hole and run the new hardware in there. The fender washer will cover the old mounting hole. We drill the hole by hand, at high speed, and with a slight angle, drilling down and towards the rear of the trailer as seen in the picture below. If you miss the frame, you'll need to drill further toward the rear of the storage box.


We use a cordless 1/4" impact driver with a magnetized 5/16" hex chuck driver to install the new hardware. The hardware can also be installed with a ratchet and a 5/16" socket. Be careful not to overtighten as the frame of the Go is softer aluminum and can strip out.



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