How do I replace a Go axle?

This article will explain how to remove and reinstall a Dexter torsion axle on the Go trailer.

Replacing a Go trailer axle is a very straightforward job if you have the correct tools and the right information.

First, lower the swivel jack on the tongue of the trailer all the way. With the two wheels still on the ground, loosen the 5 lug nuts holding the wheel to the hub. Lower the rear stabilizer jacks all the way.



Next raise the swivel jack until the wheels are off the ground, using the rear stabilizer jacks as jack stands. Remove the lugs nuts and remove both wheels. Also, drop the front stabilizer jacks at this point.


Before removing the axle, place a floor jack under the middle of the axle for stability. There are two M14 2.0 x 35  bolts and two deformed M14 x 2.0 nuts on each side of the axle. These will have to be loosened with a 1/2" impact with a 22mm impact socket and a 22mm wrench. The shackles on these torsion axles make the axle want to rotate once loose. It's important to have two people when loosening and dropping the axle so it doesn't rotate off the floor jack. Lower the axle to the floor with the floor jack.



With the axle removed, use the floor jack to get the new axle into position. Axle will be in the same orientation as the previous axle, shackles facing toward the rear of the trailer. Push the axle evenly toward the rear of the trailer to ensure the tires run straight and true. Replace axle hardware, replace wheels, remove floor jack, raise front stabilizer jacks, lower swivel jack, raise rear stabilizer jacks.


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