How do I attach the LOFT on top of the GO Easy Kayak Trailer?

A. On the underside of your LOFT™, you will find two slotted extrusions. Each extrusion has 
an entrance reveal on either end (4 total) for starting your mounting plates.

B. Push two bolts into either the inner or the outer square openings of one mounting plate 
(depending on the type of crossbars you have), and slide assembly into extrusion as shown 
in illustration B.

C. While lifting the LOFT™ slightly, position each mounting plate assembly so one bolt sits 
on either side of the rack crossbar, fore and aft. Slide the second mounting plate over each 
bolt and loosely thread one lock nut to each bolt.

D. Position all four mounting plate assemblies as shown in illustration D. Do not tighten 
assemblies yet. 

E. Step back from your vehicle and make sure your LOFT™ position is centered (as much 
as possible) front to back, left to right and be sure there are no obstructions. If you are 
satisfied with the LOFT™ position, securely tighten all mounting lock nuts