How do I adjust the tightness of the storage box latch?

This article will explain how to tighten and loosen the tension of the latch and striker plate on the Go storage box.

When the Go trailers leave the factory here in Brevard, North Carolina, the latches are likely set to their loosest position because the lid trim piece has not yet been compressed into its final position. Over time as the lid trim compresses more, the latch may have a looser fit against the striker plate. To adjust the fitment of the latch and striker plate, loosen the two 10mm nuts on the rear of the striker plate inside the box. 

Below is a picture of the striker plate in its loosest position:


If your latch seems loose, you may want to adjust the striker plate inward to tighten the gap between the latch and striker plate. You can do this by loosening the two 10mm nuts and pushing the lip of the storage box inward, sliding the nuts downward in their slots.

Below is a picture of the plate in its tightest position:


Loosen nuts and push lip inward for a tighter fit. Pull lip outward, towards you, for a looser fit. Tighten nuts while holding the lip in the desired position.


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