Can you tell me what I should do for this? I've got grease consonantly getting flung out of the left inner axle seal. Here's what it looks like. The other wheel is fine.

If you have recently repacked the bearings and are experiencing grease leakage, it may be due to overpacking.

If you have recently repacked the bearings and are experiencing grease leakage, it is possible that you may have over packed them. Overpacking the bearings means that you have applied too much grease, which can lead to the grease coming out or preventing the seal from being properly seated. This can result in grease leakage and potential damage to the bearings.

To address this issue, you can start by removing the rubber cap on the end of the hub and inspecting the amount of grease present. If the hub appears to be full or overflowing with grease, it is a clear indication of overpacking. In this case, you should remove some excess grease to bring the level down to an appropriate amount. This will help prevent further grease leakage.

Once you have removed excess grease, it is important to take the trailer for a short ride to observe if the grease continues to leak. During this ride, pay close attention to any signs of grease leakage, such as grease spots or trails on the trailer or along the wheel hub. If you notice that the grease is still coming out despite removing excess grease, it is likely that the inner axle seal is faulty and needs to be replaced.

Fortunately, finding a suitable replacement for the inner axle seal should not be a difficult task. Most automotive stores or online retailers carry a wide range of axle seals suitable for various trailers and vehicles. When replacing the inner axle seal, make sure to choose a high-quality seal that is compatible with your trailer's specifications.

By addressing the issue of overpacking and ensuring the proper replacement of a faulty inner axle seal, you can effectively resolve the problem of grease leakage. This will help maintain the integrity and performance of your trailer's bearings, ensuring a smooth and safe towing experience.